Casa de Cantabria Madrid, 02-14th of march 2020

As initial founder it’s an honor to announce the second edition of UAF UNITED ARTISTS FAIR, the art fair for independent artists. It is a private event open to public with free entrance. There aren’t any galleries or agents involved, just artists in direct contact with visitors and customers without any comissions, sharing costs and selling at reasonable prices. In the special events such as the inauguration the 5th of march 2020 we create an artistic atmosphere with life music by URBAN BEYER, piano and voice “Jazz, Swing & Pearls” and wine tasting with Bodegas Jeromín.

The 13th of march we’ll have the closing event with classic cuban boleros by ODÍN and wine tasting provided by Bodegas Mas Que Vinos.

28 artists present paintings, sculptures, fotografs and collages on th two floors of the charming environment in the Casa de Cantabria, calle Pio Baroja 10, Madrid. Contact: Kerstin Carolin Beyer, 616749732


My contribution as artist consists in painting, fotografs and collage, for example:

IMG_20200217_130945 IMG_20200217_130904 Kerstin Carolin Beyer IMG_20200217_130747 IMG_20200119_152048 (1) IMG_20200117_170016 The Power of Letters 2

IMG_20200226_104511 IMG_20200224_171857_HDR IMG_20200226_203626 IMG_20200225_140500


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