Due to the Covid restrictions I changed the date of the art fair from march to july, again in the magnificant Casa de Cantabria in Madrid. 24 artists from 7 countries show 150 art works: paintings, collages, photography, sculptures. The UAF is the only art fair in Madrid made by […]

COPE Collages pegados, COCO Collages cosidos

Due to covid restrictions I had to cancel the last COCO exhibition. Now the huge, modern and acomodating sports club close by , in Santo Domingo, has offered me the opportunity to exhibit my art work during one month. Today we prepared everything and as you will see it’s espectacular. […]

COCO Collages cosidos

COCO Collages Cosidos are tailormade, sewed art works made of pieces of paintings on canvas and fotos printed on canvas, both made and taken by the artist. Additionally she includes pieces of coffee bags, integrating them with acrilic paint. These collages works bring together the very different paintig styles to […]