Repainting one old work and where it leads to

I started to repaint an old art work which I didn’t like anymore. This went so far that I covered the whole thing and suddenly had a very interesting base for a completely other painting. And as so many times I liked it so much that I started a serie….A […]

COPE Collages pegados, COCO Collages cosidos

Due to covid restrictions I had to cancel the last COCO exhibition. Now the huge, modern and acomodating sports club close by , in Santo Domingo, has offered me the opportunity to exhibit my art work during one month. Today we prepared everything and as you will see it’s espectacular. […]


Casa de Cantabria Madrid, 02-14th of march 2020 As initial founder it’s an honor to announce the second edition of UAF UNITED ARTISTS FAIR, the art fair for independent artists. It is a private event open to public with free entrance. There aren’t any galleries or agents involved, just artists […]

FrohNatur – Was wird….

First week of july my collegue Barbara Sager and me had a very successful exhibition in Zúrich/Switzerland. again we rented a van and shipped our art work over to the Galerie Am Lindenhof in Zürich. We stayed one week and had a really good time with lots of interested people. […]

Big format

Brand new art work in Big Format. Paintings and Collage, very interesting new style, lots of fun Changing format is very challenging in art work. I enjoy a lot the change to big format like 165-180 x 110-130cm. See some examples above: Two of these are composed by 4 different […]

Kerstin Carolin Beyer, exhibition, exposición de arte, paintings, las cuevas de Hércules, Toledo

Las cuevas de Hércules, Toledo, 05.-29. september 2016

The “Consorcio de Toledo” gives me the opportunity to exhibit my work in Las cuevas de Hércules, Callejón San Ginés, 3. The exhibition will take place from the 9th to the 25th of september 2016. It is a very special place where the artwork will contrast with tho old walls […]