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about carolin

Kerstin Carolin Beyer
(1965, Germany)

After leaving school in 1984 I studied architecture (without degree) at the University of Wuppertal in Germany but then changed and graduated in psychology. As I wasn´t very convinced of what I learned I started working in the economy sector as consultant with McKinsey & Co., Inc. Starting a family this turned out to be impossible to combine and I stayed at home starting my painting and sculpture experiences.

Since my very young childhood I was very interested in and surrounded by artwork due to my mother who was artist and arts teacher. I feel inspired by nature, contrasts, colors and forms. My activities are in: Painting, Collage, Sculpture and Photography.

In 1989 I moved to Brussels, where I focused on painting and photography, and 1999 to Madrid with my family. Some years later I started joining classes of art with Martina Schmieder and later on with Carlos Fortunato – classes which I continue and enjoy until today.

Further on I´m  distance student with Wiesbadener Freie Kunstschule in arts, drawing and painting. The direct exchange with the director who accompanies my work is always challenging. Lately I got associated to Johnny Cool Art Gallery and collaborating in art fair projects with Eka & Moor Art Gallery, responsible for international relationships. The two of them are based in Madrid. The Art gallery GAUDÍ, Madrid, collaborates on regular basis with me taking my art work to international art fairs.

As for today I exposed and have art work in private collections in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy, Rumanía, Germany, Luxemburg, Denmark, UK, Monaco, USA and HongKong.

Lately I focus very much on the organisation of collecive exhibitions and art fairs national and international.

Founder and director of UAF United Artists Fair, 4th edition planned for february 2022.

Certificate in Art therapy.

Master in Sport Psychology and Sport Coaching.

Certificate Personal Trainer and Nutrition


Most important Exhibitions:

Exhibition Photographs, Brussels, Belgium, 1999

Exhibition Paintings, Soul Room, Madrid,Spain, 02/2015

Exhibition Paintings, Ramses, Madrid, 09/2015

Collective Exhibition Paintings “Arte azul”, Johnny Cool Art Gallery, Madrid, 10/2015

Exhibition Paintings “Another tree in the wall” Peyer Fine Art Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland, 11/2015

Collective Exhibition Paintings, Colmenarejo, Madrid, 01/2016

Exhibition Paintings “Refugios”, Johnny Cool Art Gallery, Madrid, 02/2016

Exhibition Paintings “Mercado de Arte”, El mercado de Velazquez, Madrid, 02 – 05/2016

Participation in the Room Art Fair, Madrid, 02/2016

Participation in the Affordable Art Fair, New York, USA, 03/2016

Collective Exhibition “Arte en caja”, Johnny Cool Art Gallery, Madrid, 04/2016

Exhibition Paintings “En contexto”, Cuevas de Hercules, Toledo,Spain, 09/2016

Collective Exhibition “Spanish passion”, Peyer Fine Art Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland, 10-11/2016

Collective Exhibition “Regalarte”, Galeria Eka & Moor, Madrid, 12/2016

Collective Exhibition “Gran exposición de Reyes”, Galeria Eka & Moor, Madrid, 01/2017

Collective Exhibition, Hotel Hesperia, Madrid, 02/2017

Exhibition Paintings “From inside”, Katz & Bach Galerie Kurt Richter, Berlin, Germany, 02-03/2017

Premier Art Fair, Hong Kong, China, 03/2017

Collective Exhibition, “Post Art Week Hong Kong”, Galeria Eka & Moor, Madrid, 03/2017

Collective Exhibition, “Da Madrid Alla Toscana”, Campiglia, Toscana, Italy, 06/2017

Donostiartean, Galería Gaudi, San Sebastian, Spain, 07/2017

Berliner Liste, Galería Gaudi, Berlin, Germany, 09/2017

Art3f Paris, Galería Gaudi, Paris, France 01/2018

Collective Exhibition, Galería Medina Roma, Rome, Italy, 02/2018

Almoneda, Galería Eka & Moor, Madrid, 04/2018

Kölner Liste, Galería Gaudi, Cologne, Germany, 04/2018

Art Nordic 2018, Galería Gaudi, Copenhagen, Denmark, 04/2018

Art3f Luxembourg, Galería Gaudi, Luxembourg, 06/2018

Collective Exhibition , Casa Cantabria, Madrid, 06/2018

Exhibition Paintings “FrohNatur”, Galerie am Lindenhof, Zúrich, Switzerland, 07/2018

Collective Exhibition, Museo de Arte Ploiesti, Romania, 09/2018

Collective Exhibition , Casa Cantabria, Madrid, 09/2018

Participation in Gran Exposición de Arte Contempraneo, London, UK, 09/2018

Founder, Director, Organisation and Participation in UAF United Artists Fair Madrid, 02/2019

Participation in Collective Exhibition in Barcelona 03/2019

Participation in AAF Affordable Art Fair, New York USA

Participation with Photos in Art Fair Cologne, Germany, 04/2019

Participation in Discovery Art Fair Cologne Germany, 04/2019

Participation in Art Marbella 07/08 2019

Participation in C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany, 10/2019

Participation in Collective Exhibition Galería Gaudi, Madrid, 11/ 2019

Participation in Collective Exhibition Galeria Eka & Moor, Madrid, 02/2020

Founder, Director, Organisation and Participation in UAF United Artists Fair Madrid, 03/2020

Exhibition “COCO” Madrid 09/2020

Collective exhibition Florida, USA, 12/2020

Collective exhibition galeria Eka & Moor, 12/2020

Exhibition “COCO” and “COPE” Santo Domingo 03/2021

Participation and direction of UAF UNITED ARTISTS FAIR 3º edition 07/2021

Participation in Art Fair Monaco, 08/2021

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  • Exhibition notice concerning the exhibition “Refugios” in “Madrid Different” and “Artsicle”
  • TV Interviewin in the program “A fuego lento con Susana” concerning „El Mercado de Arte“ (from minute 55)
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Kerstin Carolin Beyer de orígin alemana ha hecho estudios de arquitectura pero se graduó en psicología. Trabajó como consultora de economía (McKinsey & Co. Inc.)

La artista ha vivido 7 años en Bruselas, Bélgica, donde realizaba sobre todo la pintura sobre palets de madera, escultura  y la fotografía.

Desde 1999 ella vive y trabaja en Madrid.

La artista ha crecido en un entorno artístico, ya que su madre es profesora de arte, a los 4 años ella ya ha pintado en formatos grandes. Ella estudia con Martina Schmieder y Carlos Fortunato en Madrid y es alumna de la académia Freie Wiesbadener Kunstschule en Alemania

A parte de la pintura ella se dedica también a collage, escultura y fotografía y combina dichas técnicas ocasionalmente en sus obras. Está inspirada por todo lo que se ve en el mundo si uno vive con los ojos abiertos, sobre todo la naturaleza y los seres humanos con sus relaciones.

Hasta hoy ha expuesto su obra en Bélgica, España, Suiza, Francia, Italia, Rumanía, Alemania, Luxemburgo, Dinamarca, Inglaterra, Mónaco, E.E.U.U. y HongKong.

En Madrid ella trabajó como responsable de relaciones internacionales para dos galerías y se dedica ahora a parte de su trabajo como artista a organizar exposiciones y ferias colectivas nacionales e internacionales.

Fundadora y comisaria de la feria UAF United Artists Fair.

Certificado en Arte terapia.