Repainting one old work and where it leads to

I started to repaint an old art work which I didn’t like anymore. This went so far that I covered the whole thing and suddenly had a very interesting base for a completely other painting. And as so many times I liked it so much that I started a serie….A […]

COCO Collages cosidos

COCO Collages Cosidos are tailormade, sewed art works made of pieces of paintings on canvas and fotos printed on canvas, both made and taken by the artist. Additionally she includes pieces of coffee bags, integrating them with acrilic paint. These collages works bring together the very different paintig styles to […]


Casa de Cantabria Madrid, 02-14th of march 2020 As initial founder it’s an honor to announce the second edition of UAF UNITED ARTISTS FAIR, the art fair for independent artists. It is a private event open to public with free entrance. There aren’t any galleries or agents involved, just artists […]

Summer is coming

“Flowers and Colours”

In spring 2017 I felt the need to change a bit the painting style –  not for the first time – and started experimenting with large organic forms and bright colours. I love the resulting paintings so much, they spread joy and optimism. There are 4 paintings of a similar […]

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“Black with transparencies”

  This project started with the tallest format on paper, 100×70 cm, and shows different aspects of my personality. On the one hand side very strong, direct, clear, on the other hand sensible, caring, searching. The smallest ones were sold and given as christmas cards, middle size sold in “Room […]

Big format

Brand new art work in Big Format. Paintings and Collage, very interesting new style, lots of fun Changing format is very challenging in art work. I enjoy a lot the change to big format like 165-180 x 110-130cm. See some examples above: Two of these are composed by 4 different […]