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“Black with transparencies”

  This project started with the tallest format on paper, 100×70 cm, and shows different aspects of my personality. On the one hand side very strong, direct, clear, on the other hand sensible, caring, searching. The smallest ones were sold and given as christmas cards, middle size sold in “Room […]

Kerstin Carolin Beyer, exhibition, exposición de arte, paintings, las cuevas de Hércules, Toledo

Las cuevas de Hércules, Toledo, 05.-29. september 2016

The “Consorcio de Toledo” gives me the opportunity to exhibit my work in Las cuevas de Hércules, Callejón San Ginés, 3. The exhibition will take place from the 9th to the 25th of september 2016. It is a very special place where the artwork will contrast with tho old walls […]