COPE Collages pegados, COCO Collages cosidos

Due to covid restrictions I had to cancel the last COCO exhibition. Now the huge, modern and acomodating sports club close by , in Santo Domingo, has offered me the opportunity to exhibit my art work during one month. Today we prepared everything and as you will see it’s espectacular. COCO Collages Cosidos, sewed collages, and COPE Collages Pegados, glued collages, together in an open and lightful environment.

An interview with me concerning this exhibition was published in a regional newspaper:

1617638447318   IMG_20210405_135503


IMG_20210207_155418 IMG_20210207_155239 IMG_20210207_130343 IMG_20210207_155429 IMG_20210207_155248 IMG_20210207_155302 IMG_20210207_193328 IMG_20210207_155256 IMG_20210207_155324 IMG_20210207_155405 IMG_20210207_130214 IMG_20210207_155314   IMG_20210211_184259


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