Big format

Brand new art work in Big Format. Paintings and Collage, very interesting new style, lots of fun

IMG_20200217_130904 IMG_20200217_130747 IMG_20200217_130945 IMG_20200226_203626

IMG_20171130_135624 IMG_20171130_135557Changing format is very challenging in art work. I enjoy a lot the change to big format like 165-180 x 110-130cm. See some examples above:

Two of these are composed by 4 different paintings which are complete one by one on its own but work as well together to form one big painting

IMG_20180111_111648_HDR_1515687348507_1515687635306   Kerstin Carolin Beyer, Leuchtstoffröhren, Big format, flourescent

Kerstin Carolin Beyer, Pintura, Acrílico, Big format, tamaño grande, colores, colours IMG_20180327_151958_HDR_1522158345194Kerstin Carolin Beyer, painting, big size, colors, flowers, Dschungel, jungle, brightness

Kerstin Carolin Beyer, Painting, Kunst, Acrilic, colors, Malerei, grossformatig, Energy

Kerstin Carolin Beyer, painting, Acrilic, Kunst, Industry

IMG_20180906_182614 41244136_2247000862203137_467991812804444160_n

Carribean Kites_Kerstin Carolin Beyer_Acrilic on canvas_158 x 97 cm_2018  La ciudad frente a mi_Kerstin Carolin Beyer_Acrilic on canvas_173 x 199 cm_2018


Pool party (2) Confinados (2) HongKong Allsweet (2)



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