About me

about carolin

Kerstin Carolin Beyer
(1965, Germany)

After leaving school in 1984 I studied architecture (without degree) at the University of Wuppertal in Germany but then changed and graduated in psychology. As I wasn´t very convinced of what I learned I started working in the economy sector as consultant with McKinsey & Co., Inc. Starting a family this turned out to be impossible to combine and I stayed at home starting my painting and sculpture experiences.

Since my very young childhood I was very interested in and surrounded by artwork due to my mother who was artist and arts teacher. I feel inspired by nature, contrasts, colors and forms. My activities are in: Painting, Collage, Sculpture and Photography.

In 1989 I moved to Brussels, where I focused on painting and photography, and 1999 to Madrid with my family. Some years later I started joining classes of art with Martina Schmieder and later on with Carlos Fortunato – classes which I continue and enjoy until today.

Further on I´m  distance student with Wiesbadener Freie Kunstschule in arts, drawing and painting. The direct exchange with the director who accompanies my work is always challenging. Lately I got associated to Johnny Cool Art Gallery and collaborating in art fair projects with Eka & Moor Art Gallery, responsible for international relationships. The two of them are based in Madrid.

Lately I focus on the organisation of collecive exhibitions and art fairs national and international

My exhibitions so far are the following:

Exhibition Photographs, Brussels, Belgium, 1999

Exhibition Paintings, Soul Room, Madrid,Spain, 02/2015

Exhibition Paintings, Ramses, Madrid, 09/2015

Collective Exhibition Paintings “Arte azul”, Johnny Cool Art Gallery, Madrid, 10/2015

Exhibition Paintings “Another tree in the wall” Peyer Fine Art Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland, 11/2015

Collective Exhibition Paintings, Colmenarejo, Madrid, 01/2016

Exhibition Paintings “Refugios”, Johnny Cool Art Gallery, Madrid, 02/2016

Exhibition Paintings “Mercado de Arte”, El mercado de Velazquez, Madrid, 02 – 05/2016

Participation in the Room Art Fair, Madrid, 02/2016

Participation in the Affordable Art Fair, New York, USA, 03/2016

Collective Exhibition “Arte en caja”, Johnny Cool Art Gallery, Madrid, 04/2016

Exhibition Paintings “En contexto”, Cuevas de Hercules, Toledo,Spain, 09/2016

Collective Exhibition “Spanish passion”, Peyer Fine Art Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland, 10-11/2016

Collective Exhibition “Regalarte”, Galeria Eka & Moor, Madrid, 12/2016

Collective Exhibition “Gran exposición de Reyes”, Galeria Eka & Moor, Madrid, 01/2017

Collective Exhibition, Hotel Hesperia, Madrid, 02/2017

Exhibition Paintings “From inside”, Katz & Bach Galerie Kurt Richter, Berlin, Germany, 02-03/2017

Premier Art Fair, Hong Kong, China, 03/2017

Collective Exhibition, “Post Art Week Hong Kong”, Galeria Eka & Moor, Madrid, 03/2017

Collective Exhibition, “Da Madrid Alla Toscana”, Campiglia, Toscana, Italy, 06/2017

Donostiartean, Galería Gaudi, San Sebastian, Spain, 07/2017

Berliner Liste, Galería Gaudi, Berlin, Germany, 09/2017

Art3f Paris, Galería Gaudi, Paris, France 01/2018

Collective Exhibition, Galería Medina Roma, Rome, Italy, 02/2018

Almoneda, Galería Eka & Moor, Madrid, 04/2018

Kölner Liste, Galería Gaudi, Cologne, Germany, 04/2018

Art Nordic 2018, Galería Gaudi, Copenhagen, Denmark, 04/2018

Art3f Luxembourg, Galería Gaudi, Luxembourg, 06/2018

Collective Exhibition , Casa Cantabria, Madrid, 06/2018

Exhibition Paintings “FrohNatur”, Galerie am Lindenhof, Zúrich, Switzerland, 07/2018

Collective Exhibition, Museo de Arte Ploiesti, Romania, 09/2018

Collective Exhibition , Casa Cantabria, Madrid, 09/2018

Participation in Gran Exposición de Arte Contempraneo, London, UK, 09/2018

Founder, Director, Organisation and Participation in UAF United Artists Fair Madrid, 02/2019

Participation in Collective Exhibition in Barcelona 03/2019

Participation in AAF Affordable Art Fair, New York USA

Participation with Photos in Art Fair Cologne, Germany, 04/2019



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